PersDB 2009
3rd International Workshop on
Personalized Access, Profile Management, and Context Awareness in Databases
August 28 2009 - Lyon, France

News and Announcements

  • Deadline extension

    The submission deadline is extended to Monday, June 29 (11:30PM PT).

  • Keynote by Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, University of British Columbia
    Recommender Systems Revisited: from Items to Transactions

    Recommender systems have been extremely successful in reaching relevant content to users. Rather than rely on a static notion of content relevance to a user's query or a profile, they incorporate endorsements of items by other users and/or ratings provided by the same user on other items considered similar. In this talk, I will make a case for developing recommendation strategies and systems not just for recommending content items but for users performing transactions. Consider a social network where users register items (e.g., toaster, lawn mower) they are willing to give away to other users in exchange for items in their wish list which they have registered with the system. The idea is users either swap items or more generally exchange items in cycles. I will discuss the algorithmic challenges in developing strategies for recommending exchange transactions to users and present approximation as well as heuristic algorithms we have developed for solving this problem. I will also discuss the results of a detailed set of experiments we ran to gauge the performance of the various algorithms and conclude with interesting directions for future work.